Dec '11 - Quintero, CHI

Santander wins Quintero Yacht Club Soto 40 Regatta

Quintero Chile (December 11, 2011) "Santander", Jorge Araneda along with American tactician Chris Larson (Soto 40 OD) won the 8 boat 2011 Regatta de Yacht Club Quintero, which was the 6th National Oceanic VTR event for the season. The Soto 40 fleet sailed 5 windward-leeward courses over 2 days with winds of 16 to 18 knots…


1) Santander           2,2,7,2,2 15
2) Movistar              1,8,1,1,5 16
3) Claro                   3,3,6,4,3 19



Oct ’11 – Porto Cervo, Sardinia, ITA

Gladiator finishes on top of the podium at the TP52 World Championships.

Porto Cervo, ITA (Oct 8,2011) …Tony Langley’s British crew on Gladiator, surprise early leaders of these world championship, held on to third place overall with their third place in what proved to be the final race, completing the podium by virtue of a better tie-break than the Spanish Paramount Park Murcia.  Langley commended the approach of their tactician, Melges 32 world title winning Chris Larson:  “What was great was the attitude he came with. He came to me and said ‘I really think we can win this’ and that mental attitude was really refreshing and we really set out to try and do that. So that was a big change really. Nacho (Postigo) stepped in and did a really nice job with us too.”


Results: http://www.tp52worldchampionship.org/results/venue.php


Sept ’11 – Palma de Mallorca, Spain

William Douglass' Goombay Smash Crowned Melges 32 World Champion

24 September 2011 - Palma de Mallorca, Spain - Congratulations to newly crowned Melges 32 World Champion William Douglass on Goombay Smash. Douglass was accompanied by tactician Chris Larson and crew members Marco Constant, Andy Escourt, Stu Pollard, Mark Towill, Chris Welch and Alan Nakanishi. After a long, nerve-racking, rainy on land postponement, around two o'clock a short trip out to the race course left the 29-strong fleet waiting for the wind. Unfortunately, it never arrived and no racing was able to take place leaving Douglass and his incredible team World Champions… http://www.cyberaltura.com/melges32/home/home_uk.php

Top Ten Results (FINAL)
1.) William Douglass/Chris Larson, Goombay Smash; [28]-3-12-6-1-7-10-2= 41
2.) John Kilroy/Vasco Vascotto, Samba Pa Ti; 5-1-10-1-13-2-[28]-10 = 42 
3.) Lanfranco Cirillo/Michele Paoletti, Fantastica; 10-9-3-2-2-[23]-3-13 = 42
4.) Yukihiro Ishida/Hamish Pepper, Yasha Samurai; 1-[24]-2-13-7-4-7-18 = 52
5.) Edoardo Lupi/Branko Brcin, Torpyone; [18]-18-6-3-18-1-6-4 = 56
6.) Vincenzo Onorato/Francesco Bruni, Mascalzone Latino;2-5-20-12-[21]-1-1=59
7.) Jason Carroll/Cameron Appleton, ARGO; 3-12-13-4-[22]-3-21-6 = 62
8.) Joe Woods/ Paul Goodison, Red; [15]-10-15-8-12-14-5-5 = 69
9.) Filippo Pacinotti/Danielle Cassinari, Brontolo HH; 13-11-1-[17]-17-9-4-16=71
10.) John Porter/Jonathan McKee, Full Throttle; 7-[15]-5-15-15-8-13-8 = 71


Chris Larson interview:

Highlights Day 1

Highlights Day 2

Highlights Day 3

Highlights Day 4

Highlights Day 5

Sept ’11 – San Francisco, CA

Vesper wins Big Boat Series

St. Francis Perpetual Trophy – IRC A: Jim Swartz’s (Park City, Utah) IRC 52 Vesper breezed to a seemingly easy overall victory here if you went by the fact it won five out of its seven races, including today’s. But Swartz credited it mostly to a well-oiled team that simply knew how to tame the boat no matter how high the winds. His tactician Gavin Brady (Annapolis, Md.), an America’s Cup veteran, made the comment that San Francisco is the best venue in the world for sailing. “It’s like there are ginormous [sic] fans at the Golden Gate Bridge; it’s a man-made arena where the wind comes in at 11 am and you can start on time every day,” said Brady. “For the next America’s Cup here you can just put the AP flag in a glass case and it will never be flown.” 

With Vesper having pretty much blocked for overall victory, the battle was for second today, and Peter Cunningham’s (George Town, Grand Cayman, CAY) PowerPlay prevailed over Ashley Wolfe’s (Calgary, AB, CAN) Mayhem in the end. Both boats are IRC 52s and were among five competing in this class along with two other larger boats and one smaller.


Photos:  http://www.regattanews.com/gallery.aspx?eid=185&ctid=3&year=

1.   USA 52007 Vesper TP 52 Jim Swartz  1 3 2 1111  10.0
2.   CAY 52  PowerPlayTP 52 Peter Cunningham  3 2 1 3222  15.0
3.   USA 2241 Mayhem TP 52 Ashley Wolfe  2 1 3 2433  18.0
4.   USA 2121 Rio TP 52 Manouch Moshayedi  4 4 4 569/DNF 4 36.0
5.   USA 22208 Velos Tanton 73 Kjeld Hestehave  6 5 7 7345  37.0
6.   USA 2245 Criminal Mischief R/P 45 Chip Megeath  7 7 6 4557  41.0
7.   USA 52005 Rebel Yell TP 52 David Team  5 6 5 9/DNF79/DNF6 47.0
8.   USA 69011 AKELA Turbo Sled Bill Turpin  8 8 8 6868  52.0


Aug ’11 – Isle of Wight, England

Beau Geste has to retire while leading the IRC class.

The Judel Vrolijk 72 campaigned by Skype co-founder Niklas Zennström crossed the line off Plymouth at 12:53:44 BST, in an elapsed time of 2 days 3 minutes, and 44 seconds.

"It was a good race in that we had good boat speed all the time," commented Zennström. "The worst thing with offshore races is that you sail into an area with no wind and you sit there, but we didn't have that this time. In the places where we thought it would be very light, like the transition around Land's End, we had good pace. But it was tough. Halfway to the Rock, and all the way back there was no visibility, lots of wind and rain - everything was very wet. But if you go fast, that makes up for it. It was great racing and we were doing 20-22 knots of boat speed all the time in big waves. We pushed it pretty hard."

Rán benefitted from the retirements yesterday of 80-foot Beau Geste (HKG) and 68-foot Alegre (GBR). According to Gavin Brady, Beau Geste was forced to pull out when some cracking developed in her deck and with conditions set to build around the Fastnet Rock and the onset of night, they chose to err on the side of prudence, the boat this afternoon was back in Gosport. "We were really surprised, because we were doing 15-16 knots of boat speed side-by-side with the VO70s, and everything was business as usual," said the former America's Cup helmsman. "If it had been a moderate forecast, we might have tried to fix it. It was disappointing, a tough decision to make, because we were in a good position at that point of the race."…

July ’11 – Newport Rhode, Island

RAMROD finishes 3rd at the Melges 32 North Americans

The second day of racing at the 2011 Melges 32 North American Championship, hosted by Sail Newport was splendid as three more races were completed leaving Ryan DeVos onVolpe and tactician Ed Baird in the overall lead. Annapolis' Rod Jabin and tactician Chris Larson aboard Ramrod are standing firm in second. Steve Howe on Warpath, with tactician Mark Ivey are third…



1.) Ryan DeVos/Ed Baird, Volpe; 1-4-1-9-1-[11]-3-9- = 28
2.) Stephen Howe/Mark Ivey, Warpath; 2-7-6-12-2-3-1-[13] = 33
3.) Rod Jabin/Chris Larson, Ramrod; 5-6-3-[13]-4-1-10-5 = 34
4.) Dalton DeVos/Joe Glanfield, Delta; 4-3-[12]-1-11-12-4-1 = 36
5.) Steve Rhyne/Johnny Lovell, Mojo; 7-2-8-5-5-[13]-8-2 = 37
6.) Alexis Michas/Brian Ledbetter, Zetiana; 8-5-2-4-10-9-[13]-3 = 41
7.) Mark Plaxton/Anthony Kotoun; INTAC; [11]-8-5-6-3-2-9-10 = 43
8.) Benjamin Schwartz/Charlie McKee, Pisces; 13-1-[15]-2-13-10-2-8 = 49
9.) William Douglass/Brad Read, Goombay Smash; 6-[16/DNF]-10-14-7-5-7-4 = 53
10.) John Taylor/Andy Green, Ninkasi; 9-12-[13]-7-9-4-5-7 = 53


July ’11 – Newport Rhode, Island

Beau Geste completes the 2011 TransAtlantic Race.

Covering 2,975 miles from Newport, R.I., to the Lizard in England, the race will begin near the New York Yacht Club’s Harbour Court clubhouse in Newport, with three staggered starts from June 26 to July 3. The fleet will include IRC Racing, IRC Racer/Cruiser, Classic and Open divisions with a minimum length overall (LOA) of 40 feet.

Beau Geste, a Farr 80, skippered by Karl Kwok, and with Gavin Brady, an America’s Cup helmsman aboard. Beau Geste was the second boat to finish the 2009 Rolex Fastnet Race, three hours after ICAP Leopard, and she dominated her class in the 2010 Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup. Said Karl Kwok, “To have a well organized transatlantic race from west to east is pretty
rare these days.” He looks forward to “a good race, and the opportunity to tick off another box on the world’s premier blue-water racing classics.”



June ’11 – Block Island, Rhode Island

Jim Swartz’s IRC 52 Vesper wins the 2011 IRC East Coast Championship.

Jim Swartz’s (Park City, Utah) IRC 52 Vesper won IRC 1 class on the merit of five victories in six races and the 2011 IRC East Coast Championship by having the fastest average corrected speed from among all IRC-rated boats competing. The team’s only performance flaw seemed to come in yesterday’s Around the Island Race when it fouled a boat from another class at the start, did its penalty turn, and slugged to fifth. In the meantime, Austin and Gwen Fragomen’s (Newport, R.I.) JV 52 Interlodge won the race to move into third overall and today made a heroic bid at dethroning Vesper but only managed to move itself to second overall with finish positions of 2-4 while Vesper won both races.

“In our class we had all 52 footers, so the competition was side-by-side a lot,” said America’s Cup veteran Gavin Brady (Annapolis, Md.), who stepped in today to drive when Swartz had to leave the island early. “Today, we won the start of the first race, so that was pretty easy, and we won the race by two to three minutes. The second race was closer, and it was only on the third leg that we took the lead. We all finished within one and a half minutes of each other, so after an hour of sailing, that’s pretty close.”

Brady added that Swartz is especially pleased with becoming the 2011 IRC East Coast Champion. “He has spent a lot of time on this 52 program, and it fits well with us right now...the team...the chemistry...all stars are in line at the moment.”


1. USA 52007 Vesper Jim Swartz 111511 10.00
2. USA 5206 Interlodge Austin Fragomen 525124 19.0
3. CAY 52 PowerPlay Peter Cunningham 332272 19.0
4. ESP 75521 Flying Jenny 7 David & Sandra Askew 243635.5 23.5
5. USA 38008 Anema & Core Ennio Staffini 466443 27.0
6. CAN 84248 Vela Veloce Richard Oland 654355.5 28.5
7. USA 60331 Invictus Louis Henry 777767 41.0



June ’11 – Annapolis, Maryland

Beau Geste wins the Annapolis-Newport Race.

Newport, RI (June 12,2011) - IRC I winner from Hong Kong on Beau Geste, Karl Kwok was second to Rambler 100 over the line, but continues to enjoy distance races on his Farr 80…


1 HKG 1997 Beau Geste Karl Kwok Farr 80’ 10:35:42.2 1.0
2 USA 25555 Rambler 100 George David 100' 11:13:51.1 2.0
3 GBR 1 R ICAP Leopard Clarke Murphy 100' 12:08:13.3 3.0



May ’11 – Annapolis, Maryland

RAMROD takes victory at the 2011 Annapolis NOOD


Sail # Boat Skipper 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total
1 46999 RAMROD Rodrick Jabin 2 5 2 1 4 2 3 2 21.00
2 USA 50001 Flash Gordon Helmut Jahn 3 4 1 2 1 5 4 4 24.00
3 5095 Tsunami Ostberg Olds Dailey 5 1 5 3 5 1 2 6 28.00
4 40076 Nightshift Kevin McNeil 1 8 4 4 3 3 1 8 32.00
5 40029 Endorphin Erik Wulff 6 2 6 5 2 6 5 1 33.00
6 51313 SUNDANCE Gary Beer 4 6 8 7 7 4 6 3 45.00
7 92 Yellow Jacket Jeffrey Scholz 8 3 3 6 6 8 8 10/DNS 52.00
8 USA 888 Seawolf Ben Rowe 7 7 9 9 9 7 9 5 62.00
9 40044 Bellerophon Richard Sinclair 9 9 7 8 8 9 7 7 64.00

April ’11 – St. Barthelemy

Les Voiles de Saint Barth 2011 - Second edition: a Wrap

(10/04/2011) The Weather Gods blessed St. Barthélemy from April 5 - 9, taking care to offer more than 400 competitors from 20 nations and on 48 yachts a week of perfect Caribbean sailing during the Les Voiles de St. Barth. Dominating the conditions were trade wind breezes that ranged from 17 – 32 knots, a fairly gentle Atlantic swell, and blue skies. After four days of intense racing, separated by one day reserved for competitors and friends to discover this quaint little corner of France, the second edition of Les Voiles de St. Barth seems to have etched out a place in the growing list of "must do" Caribbean events.

Vesper pulls out of the trap
In the Racing class, much was expected from the confrontation between Jim Swartz's TP52 Vesper, with a crew comprised of top American and New Zealand sailors (including tactician Gavin Brady), and Peter Cunningham's Farr 60 Venomous, with an equally competitive crew…..


1: "Vesper", Jim Swartz (Park City, Utah) 5 points
2: "Antilope", Willem Wester (NED) 7 points
3: "Speedy Nemo", Raymond Magras (St. Barth, F.W.I.) 16 points
4: "Venemous", Peter Cunningham (CAY) 20 points
5: "Mae-Lia", Raphael Magras (St. Barth) 20 points
6: "Technomarine", Christian Deredec (FRA) 26 points
7: "Puffy", Patrick Demarchelier (St. Barth, F.W.I.) 28 points
8: "Solano", Frederic Rialland (FRA) 32 points
9: "Panick Attack", Jan Van Den Eynde (St. Maarten, W.I.) 35 points
10: "Spirit Of Juno", Rory Faulkner (GBR) 43 points


March ’11 – St Thomas, USVI

International Rolex Regatta 2011– Vesper/MoneyPenny

ST. THOMAS, USVI (March 27, 2011) – Topping off three days of sun-drenched racing in the International Rolex Regatta, over 700 sailors on 77 teams mixed it up today on Pillsbury Sound, completing distance courses that explored the cays and islands off St. Thomas, where the event has been hosted for 38 years by St. Thomas Yacht Club.  Big guns, such as Boewe Bekking, Gavin Brady, Ed Baird, Steve Benjamin, Richard Clarke and Chris Larson were in abundance aboard the keelboats that competed, but it by no means took the calling cards of professional sailors to guarantee victory-or a good time-in the eight classes, which included two for IRC, four for CSA, and one each for IC 24s and Beach Cats.

Baird described the top-three boats in his class, all 52 footers, as "locked in battle" the whole regatta.  "Vesper (with New Zealand's America's Cup veteran Gavin Brady replacing Jim Swartz on the helm today) had a speed advantage, especially upwind, so they could usually sneak out to a strong position and stay ahead, but we went back and fourth with Interlodge (Austin and Gwen Fragomen's entry from Newport, R.I.)"

Vesper and Interlodge have both sailed this event before," said Brady, "so when we'd gain a little near the shore, they'd come back at us, maybe using some local knowledge they had. We figured that by the end of the regatta, we'd be really ready for next year!"


IRC 1 (IRC - 6 Boats)
1. Vesper, TP 52 52, James Swartz , Park City, Utah, USA - 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, ; 7
2. Vela Veloce, Southern Cross 52 52, Richard Oland , Saint John, NB, CAN - 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, ; 14
3. Interlodge, JV 52 52, Austin and Gwen Fragomen , Newport, RI, USA - 1, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, ; 17

March ’11 – Simpson Bay, St Maarten

Gavin Brady, Chris Larson and Marc Plaxton Defeat Peter Holmberg In Classic Final Race to Win 2011 Budget Marine Match Racing Cup

Simpson Bay, St. Maarten (March 1, 2011) – In come-from-behind fashion on the deciding race of the 2011 Budget Marine Match Racing Cup, New Zealand ace Gavin Brady defeated Virgin Island legend Peter Holmberg today to claim top honors—and the $5,000 prize for first place in the ISAF Grade 5 match-racing event—in the lead-up to this week's St. Maarten Heineken Regatta. Brady's 2-0 victory in the best of three finals during this third running of the Budget Marine Cup avenged his loss to Holmberg in 2010.

Holmberg, who earned $3,000 for his second-place effort, had won both previous editions of the Budget Marine Match Racing Cup. But Brady, and his all-star crew of Chris Larson and Marc Plaxton, clearly had his number today…..


Video #1
Video #2


Jan ’11– Key West, Florida

Goombay Smash Seals The Deal In Key West!

21 January 2011 Key West, Fla. - A round of special congrats are in order for 2011 Key West Race Week Melges 32 Champion Doug Douglas and his colorful Goombay Smash team. Douglas and tactician, Chris Larson along with crew members Marco Constant, Andy Escourt, Stu Pollard, Travis Wilson, Chris Welch and Chelsea Davison sported day-glo-flamingo pink duds for the final showdown. They beat out top, fellow competitors Steve Howe on Warpath (Morgan Larson, tactician) in second overall and Alex Jackson on Leenabarca (Rob Greenhalgh, tactician) in third.

"These are such fun boats." said Douglas after receiving his award. "The racing this week was so close. Obviously, I would have had more fun if it would have been a little more windy, but we had kind of a bad day the other day. So, that's why we wore the pink. It was our punishment."

Larson is perhaps now one of the most sought after tacticians in the Melges 32 class. During December 2010, he led Rod Jabin's Ramrod to his second consecutive Gold Cup Championship. Just a little more han a month later, he's back in victory circle with a completely different team. "Both events were really a lot of fun, but the other thing to note is that both programs are already very, very good. They are organized and realize what it takes to win. That is very true with the Goombay Smash program."


TOP TEN RESULTS (After 10 Races)

1.) William Douglas/ Cris Larson, Goombay Smash; 4-1-2-15-1-[19]-3-1-5-6 = 38
2.) Steve Howe/Morgan Larson, Warpath; 2-6-5-1-12-8-3-[14]-1 = 40
3.) Alex Jackson/Rob Greenhalgh, Leenabarca; 3-2-3-7-9-7-5-2-6-12 = 44
4.) John Kilroy, Jr./Nathan Wilmot, Samba Pa Ti; 5-10-6-11-3-4-[20]-6-7-9 = 61
5.) Joe Woods/Paul Goodison, Red; 8-9-4-10-14-6-9-9-2-[16] = 71
6.) Lanfranco Cirillo/Michelle Paoletti, Fantastica; [20] -16-7-6-6-3-4-14-9-8 = 73
7.) Yukihiro Ishida/Hamish Pepper, Yasha Samurai; 13-7-14-4-4-2-13-12-[21] = 76
8.) Bob Hughes/Chris Rast, Heartbreaker; 7-[21]-1-8-12-9-12-5-4-19 = 77
9.) Mark Plaxton/Anthony Kotoun, INTAC; 15-[19]-9-3-19-5-1-11-15-11 = 89
10.) Joel Ronning/Bill Hardesty; Catapult; 9-8-8-19-16-8-18-4-3-15 = 89

Dec ’10 – Ft Lauderdale, Florida

5 December 2010
Rod Jabin Wins Second Consecutive Melges 32 Gold Cup Title

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. - Three final races at the 2010 Melges 32 Gold Cup Regatta, hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht Club (LYC) enabled Annapolis' Rod Jabin on Ramrod to win his second consecutive Melges 32 Gold Cup title. This is also the first time ever that anyone has won the event, two years in a row. Jabin's team consisted of tactician Chris Larson and crew of Richard Clarke, Curtis Florence, Ray Wulff, Scott Holmgren and Vann Walke.

"This is pretty special. Unbelievable really, but I have to give credit where credit is due. The crew work this weekend has been awesome." said an ecstatic Jabin after racing. "Thank goodness for a third race. The Ramrod program is really coming together and we now feel like we're making some progress. Our only expectation for this event was to be competitive. My crew, they worked so hard and never gave up. That's what this win is about."…


TOP TEN RESULTS (FINAL, After eight races)
1.) Rod Jabin | Chris Larson, Ramrod; 4-2-1-12-8-2-[18]-3 = 32
2.) Steve Howe | Morgan Larson, Warpath; [8]-8-1-5-4-8-3-4 = 33
3.) Ryan DeVos | Ed Baird, Volpe; 3-2-3-1-5=14=11=[22/BFD] = 39
4.) Joe Woods | Paul Goodison, Red; 6-[11]-5-9-6-5-6-7 = 44
5.) Jeff Ecklund | Harry Melges, III, STAR; 15-6-8-8-7-1-1-[22/BFD] = 46
6.) Dalton DeVos| Chris Rast, Delta; 11-9-12-3-[12]-7-2-2 = 46
7.) Lanfranco Cirillo | Michele Paoletti, Fantastica; 7-19-4-2-14-[22/OCS]-4-1 = 51
8.) Alex Jackson | Rob Greenhalgh, Leenabarca; 1-7-7-15-1-12-[17]-11 = 54
9.) Joel Ronning | Bill Hardesty, Catapult; 5-15-13-6-10-4-9-[17] = 62
10.) Jason Carroll | Dave Ullman, ARGO; 10-10-6-7-9-[18]-12-8 = 62



Oct ’10 - Annapolis, Maryland
Rod Jabin’s Ramrod Dominates to Win Rolex Farr 40 North Americans

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND (October 17, 2010)—It didn’t take long for Rod Jabin (Annapolis, Md.) and his Ramrod team to show who was boss at the 2010 Rolex Farr40 North American Championship. On Friday (Oct. 15), the first of three days of racing, Ramrod won two races straight off the bat, in each case leaving second to defending champion Helmut Jahn (Chicago, Ill.) on Flash Gordon.  When the two teams traded finish positions in race three, it left some hope that the next day
could see Flash Gordon or one of seven other teams rebounding for a lead change, but it was not to be.  Ramrod, with Jabin at the helm and fellow Annapolitan Chris Larson calling tactics, was unstoppable, winning not only all three races on day two but also the final two races on Sunday…



Sept ’10 – San Francisco, CA
Ramrod competes at the Melges 32 World Championships

24 September 2010
San Francisco, California - The 32-strong fleet completed two more beautiful races and have one last critical day to go at the 2010 Melges 32 World Championship, hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club. Luca Lalli on B-Lin Sailing remains in the lead as John Porter's Full Throttle clearly has his sights on the trophy.

There was great concern that the breeze would be really light for the third day of the championship. Predictions came true, as the initial commencement was pushed back an hour from the original scheduled time. For the start, a quiet 6-7 knots brought the best out of Jeff Ecklund's STAR. Truly, this team comprised of tactician Harry Melges III, 2008 470 Gold Medallist Nathan Wilmot (2009 Melges 32 World Champion), 2000 Soling Bronze Medallist Espen Stokkeland, Scott Norris, Peter Crawford, Lindsay Bartel and Emma Creighton, a single-handed racer about to embark on a Mini Transat campaign, delivered spot-on performance in the speed department for a great win ahead of Stuart Simpson's Team Barbarians, while Rod Jabin on Ramrod did well to pull of a third place finish.
Jabin, with 2009 Melges 24 World Championship Chris Larson on tactics, outperformed the competition launching out in front of the fleet to take the weathermark rounding first. Lalli was right on his transom, pulling out all the stops to get ahead. A clean and fast set placed Porter in position to overtake Lalli for the lead downwind, while birthday boy Jason Carroll on Argo got in on the action as well. Jabin triumphed at the finish with Porter in second, Carroll third and Lalli in fourth. Japanese owner Yukihiro Ishida on Yasha Samurai rounded out the top five….

Top Ten Results (After 8 races, 1 discard)
1.) Luca Lalli/Lorenzo Bressani, B-lin Sailing; [15]-6-1-8-8-2-7-4 = 36
2.) John Porter/Jonathan McKee, Full Throttle; 3-[23]-10-4-4-11-4-2 = 38
3.) Andy Lovell/Johnny Lovell, Rougarou; 2-4-3-[25]-13-6-8-6 = 42
4.) Jeff Ecklund/Harry Melges III, STAR; 6-[19]-9-13-1-8-1-10 = 48 
5.) Steve Howe/Morgan Larson, Warpath; [33/DSQ]-9-17-5-12-1-11-7 = 62
6.) Doug Douglas/Russell Coutts, Goombay Smash; 13-1-14-1-[25]-9-9-16 = 63
7.) Joe Woods/Paul Goodison, Red; 7-20-5-9-10-[33/DNF]-6-8 = 65
8.) Alex Jackson/Rob Greenhalgh, Leenabarca; 10-5-4-21-6-5-[24]-21 = 72
9.) Rod Jabin/Chris Larson, Ramrod; 16-2-[25]-15-20-16-3-1 = 73
10.) Kip Meadows/Andy Horton, roXanne; 17-7-13-6-[19]-3-12-18 = 76

Video: 2010 Melges 32 Worlds in San Francisco: Day 1

Video: 2010 Melges 32 Worlds in San Francisco: Day 2

Video: 2010 Melges 32 Worlds in San Francisco: Day 3

Video: 2010 Melges 32 Worlds in San Francisco: Day 4


Aug ’10 – Howth, Ireland
SWEDISH BLUE - Razmilovic, Larson, Wolfs finish 2nd Overall at 2010 Etchells 22 World Championships

After around twenty years of trying, today Australian sailing legend John Bertrand finally won the Etchells World Championship. Bertrand and his crew, Andrew Palfrey and Tom Slingsby, clinched the title in some style here in Howth, Ireland with an impressive win in the first of the two races sailed on the final day of the championship. Bertrand himself told us earlier in the week 'We Aussies, like a bit of breeze' and today's solid eighteen to twenty knot conditions clearly suited the new World Champion. After getting away cleanly from the congested start line, at first windward mark Bertrand was able to tack to just leeward of a seven boat pack which storming in on the starboard layline and round in second position. For much of the first downwind leg it was impossible to be certain which of the leading six boats was going to round the gate first. As the pack approached the leeward marks line abreast, it was Bertrand who managed to gain the inside overlap in the final few lengths to take the lead. From then on Bertrand, Palfrey and Slingsby were in total control and went on to extend their lead to almost a minute by the finish.

Betrand's closest challenger, second placed Ante Razmilovic, had been forced to return to shore to change out a broken jib halyard before the start and done remarkably well to make it back in time to start the race at all. With little time to assess the right first beat strategy Razmilovic worked the right of the first beat but despite several shifts to that side during the leg, rounded the first mark in the teens and was unable to recover much by the finish. His result meant that Bertrand could not be caught overall and the delighted Aussie crew headed for home.

The last race battle for the final podium places was now between Razmilovic who still held second and third placed Damien King from Australia. With a ten point advantage going into the race, unsurprisingly Razmilovic made sure he was never very far away from King.  By the leeward gate Razmilovic was in control of the battle lying in eighth place with King directly behind in ninth. Meanwhile at the front of the fleet American's Jud Smith and Peter Duncan were battling it out with Ireland's Dan O'Grady for the lead. Smith took control at the leeward gate and was still leading at the final top mark but had to survive a sustained attack from Duncan and O'Grady on the last leg. At the finish Smith did enough to take the win with Dan O'Grady delighting the Irish spectators with a well deserved second place ahead of Duncan.

Overall results:

1st AUS 1383 'Triad' John Bertrand - Royal Brighton YC 23 points
2nd GBR 1333 'Swedish Blue' Ante Razmilovic - Royal Hong Kong YC 35 points
3rd  AUS 924 'barry' Damien King & S Cunnington - Sandringham YC 48 points
4th  GBR 1297 'Holly Scott' Eamonn O'Nolan & John Gimson Royal Ocean Racing Club 55 points
5th  AUS 991 'The Boat' Jake Gunther - Royal Brighton YC 55 points

2010 Etchells Worlds Website

Larson Interview after Day 1

Day 1 Compilation

Day 3 Compilation

Day 4 Compilation

Day 5 Compilation


July ’10 - Cowes, England
SWEDISH BLUE wins 2010 Etchell 22 Bedrock Trophy



June ’10 - Porto Cervo, Italy
Plenty finishes 2nd at the Farr 40 Audi Cup

Victory in the first leg of the Farr 40 European circuit has gone to Massimo Mezzaroma’s Nerone (ITA) with tactician Vasco Vascotto. Racing in the event, organized by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda from 25th to 27th June, did not take place today due to the lack of breeze off Porto Cervo, Sardinia. Yesterday’s overall classification after three races is therefore valid for the series and Mezzaroma is followed in second place by Plenty (USA), owned by Alexander Roepers, with Barking Mad (USA), owned by Farr 40 class President Jim Richardson in third…

Place, Boat Name, Helmsman, Owner, Nation, R1-R2-R3-Points
1. NERONE Massimo Mezzaroma Massimo Mezzaroma, ITA,1,1,2, 4.00
2. PLENTY Alexander Roepers Alexander Roepers, USA,2,3,4, 9.00
3. BARKING MAD James B. Richardson James B. Richardson, USA,7,5,1, 13.00
4. STRUNTJE LIGHT Wolfgang Schaefer Wolfgang Schaefer, GER,4,2,7, 13.00
5. ENFANT TERRIBLE Alberto Rossi Deep Water Association, ITA,3,4,6, 13.00
6. FIAMMA Alessandro Barnaba Alessandro Barnaba, ITA,5,6,5, 16.00
7. CHARISMA Nico Poons Nico Poons, MON,6,8,3, 17.00
8. MANGUSTA RISK Andrea Canavesio Andrea Canavesio, ITA,10,7,9, 26.00
9. VANITAS CUBE Martin Strobel Martin Strobel, SUI,8,10,8, 26.00
10. HOOLIGAN VI Edward Brodway Edward Brodway, GBR,9,9,10, 28.00



May ’10 - Rye, New York
Ramrod finishes 5th at the 2010 Melges 32 East Coast Champs

1 USA 174 Leenabarca Alex Jackson 29
2 USA 211 Arethusa Philip Lotz 32
3 USA 77 roXanne Kip Meadows 34
4 USA 184 Bronco Michael Dominguez 43
5 USA 206 Ramrod Rodrick Jabin 50
6 USA 201 Heartbreaker Robert Hughes 50
7 USA 178 Shakedown Geoffrey Pierini 548 USA 12
8 ARGO Jason Carroll 55
9 USA 151 Dark N'Stormy Edward Tillinghast 63
10 USA 32 STAR Jeff Ecklund 66
11 GBR 84845 Team Barbarians Stuart Simpson 68
12 USA 208 Celeritas Malcolm Gefter 81
13 USA 169 Bliksem Pieter Taselaar 82


May ’10 - La Maddalena, Sardinia, Italy
Mascalzone Latino finish 5th in La Maddalena and are 2nd overall and top Italian team after first two LVS events.

Final Results

  1.  Emirates Team New Zealand
  2.  SYNERGY Russian Sailing Team    
  3.  All4One
  4.  Artemis
  5.  Mascalzone Latino Audi Team
  6.  Azzurra
  8.  Luna Rossa
  9.  BMW Oracle Racing Team
10.  ALEPH Sailing Team


April ’10 - Cowes, England
SWEDISH BLUE win 2010 Etchells South Coast Championships

Etchells South Coast Championships 2010 
With the 2010 Etchells Worlds in Dublin in August the Cowes fleet entered the 2nd phase of its qualification process over the May Bank holiday weekend, with nearly 20 owners expressing interest in the 12 places available to the Solent fleet. Against that back drop it was always likely to be a tough weekend of boat racing and new sails were seen being measured in the night before by more than one boat. The forecast was for moderate SW winds on Saturday and building (cold) northerlies on the Sunday. 6 races over 2 days, the best 5 to count for the South Coast Championships and with the Worlds qualifying being the best 6 of 12 from this weekend and the Sir Kenneth Preston Trophy at the end of May, it would be possible to secure a place in Dublin with a strong set of results in all 6 races.



March ’10 - Long Beach, California
Gavin Brady, Chris Larson, Skip Baxter, Zack Hurst, Rodney Daniels, and Kazuhiko Sofuku finish 2nd at the 2010 Congressional Cup.

Francesco Bruni and his team Azzurra crew squeezed the last bit of breath out of the 46th Congressional Cup Saturday to outsail Gavin Brady, 2-1, and deny the four-time winner an unprecedented fifth Crimson Blazer in the only Grade 1 Open match racing regatta in the United States.

1 Francesco Bruni
2 Gavin Brady
3 Johnie Berntsson
4 Bill Hardesty
5 Dave Perry
6 Evgeny Neugodnikov
7 Eric Monnin
8 Damien Iehl
9 Sally Barkow
10 Simon Ferrarese


March ’10 - Auckland, NZL
Mascalzone Latina finishes 2nd at the 1st 2010 Louis Vuitton Series event.

1. Emirates Team New Zealand, New Zealand
2. Mascalzone Latino Audi, Italy
3. Azzurra, Italy
4. Artemis, Sweden
5. All4One, Germany/France
6. TEAMORIGIN, Great Britain
7. ALEPH Sailing Team, France
8. Synergy Russian Sailing Team, Russia



Feb ’10 - Antigua, VI
Carribbean 600 onboard Beau Geste

Hat-trick for Beau Geste
Although several boat are still racing, Richard Bamford's Swan 38 Dolfijn retired this morning which means that at tonight's prize giving Karl Kwok's Farr 80, Beau Geste, will be awarded the RORC Caribbean 600 trophy for best yacht overall under IRC, the line honours trophy for monohulls and Class trophy for IRC Super Zero.
"I have never cleaned up as well before so it feels really good," smiled Karl Kwok upon hearing the news. "There may have been a lack of wind but we kept on going all the time and when the wind was with us we had flat water and some fantastic sailing. Beau Geste has a great spirit, I have been friends with Gavin Brady for two decades and we sit down and decide who we will have on board….

Feb ’10 - Valencia, Spain
Mascalzone Latino - Training for LVT

Chris joins Mascalzone Latino as coach for the Louis Vuitton Trohy. Team practices in Valencia in preparation for Auckland and La Maddalena.



Dec '09

FLASH - Chris Larson has made the shortlist

Chris Larson has made the shortlist of nominees for the 2009 US SAILING Rolex Yachtsman of the Year Award.  The Rolex Yachtsman of the Year award recognizes one male sailor for his individual outstanding on-the-water achievement within the calendar year.

TRANSATLANTIC MAXI YACHT CUP 12/2/09 - New Regatta Record by Beau Geste

The Chinese maxi yacht Beau Geste crossed today the finishing line at Sint Maarten, concluding the Transatlantic Maxi Yacht Cup 2009 from Tenerife after 9 days, 8 hours, 54 minutes, 27 seconds, which is the new record of the course.  The Owner of Beau Geste, Mr. Karl C. Kwok, from Hong Kong, reported to be extremely satisfied for the performances of the boat with the speed often above 20 knots , and the overall race conditions. "I did several times the Transpac Race, but I have appreciated much more this regatta”.  The duel with the Argentinean boat Alexia was very tight but Beau Geste took the lead with a perfect start and maintained the leadership for the entire course.

Nov ’09 - Annapolis

31 October 2009
Larson Holds His Nerve To Take
The Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis 2009 Melges 24 World Championship

Annapolis, MD, USA - 31 October 2009 - The fifty-one international teams, who had traveled from across North America and Europe to compete in the Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis 2009 Melges 24 World Championships, finally got the welcome opportunity to race in double-digit breezes on the final day of the regatta. Despite the Championship racecourse being shrouded in appropriately Halloween style mist for most of the day, the Race Committee successfully banged off two four-leg races in winds which peaked at around fourteen knots.
 Chris Larson at the helm of 'West Marine Rigging/New England Ropes', who had led the regatta on-and-off for much of the week, took a seventeen point lead into the final day and looked odds-on to take the title. However with the potential for three races to be sailed today, Larson was always potentially vulnerable to attack from second placed Gabrio Zandona at the helm of the Italian entry 'Joe Fly'.
If Larson was in fact feeling the pressure of leading the championship into the final day, there was no visible evidence at the start of the first race. With several of the top teams including Zandona, Lorenzo Bressani on 'Uka Uka Racing' and Terry Hutchinson on 'Quantum Racing/Gill Race Team' being called OCS soon after the start, Larson was able to pick his way skillfully through the melee at the pin and followed eventual race winner Nico Celon on 'Fantastica' off the line. Rounding the top mark with only Carlo Fracassoli on 'Gullisara' in front of him, Larson sailed a calm and composed race and went on to record his fourth second place of the week. Zandona, Bressani and Hutchinson all received twenty percent Z-flag penalties and following an announcement from the Race Officer that there would be no third race, Larson now found himself in an unassailable position. With no reason to compete in the second race of the day, he and his delighted crew: Mike Wolfs, Curtis Florence and tactician Richard Clarke, headed ashore to start to begin to celebrate their Melges 24 World Championship victory.
The focus was now on the four-way scrap for the remaining podium places between Zandona on sixty-five points, Norway's Eivind Melleby on 'Full Medal Jacket' on sixty-nine points, Celon on seventy-two points and Bressani on seventy-four points. Arguably the windiest of the Championship, the final race was a real humdinger with the top ten boats packed closely together at all the mark roundings. Jamie Lea on the British entry 'Team Barbarians' squeezed in for a near perfect start at the pin and led the early part of the beat. However it was Celon who led around the top mark, with Bill Hardesty on 'Events Clothing/Atlantis' in second and Lea in third. Hutchinson and Melleby rounded in fourth and fifth and as the leaders, all in close formation, ripped down wind for the first time, it was impossible to predict who would reach the gate first. In fact Celon managed to hold his lead, but only just from the charging Melleby who had blitzed into second place. The fierce battle for the lead between these two lasted until the finish, with Celon eventually prevailing and securing fourth overall. Meanwhile after rounding the first mark outside the top ten, Zandona was making steady progress up through the fleet. By the finish he was up to sixth, which tied him on points with Melleby. With the count back applied Zandona claimed second overall, with Melleby clearly delighted to have achieved the first ever Norwegian podium finish at a Melges 24 World Championship.
Without doubt Chris Larson is a popular and worthy winner of this Championship. Significantly, the only one of the top three whose scoreline did not include a race win, his amazing consistency in the capricious Annapolis conditions was simply too much for the opposition. Soaking in his victory tonight Larson said he was delighted to have won and relieved to have got through the final day on top. 'As it turned out the OCS scenario on the first race really meant the battle was over before it began. We were pretty surprised just after the start when we saw Hutchinson, Zandona and Bressani all going back. That pretty much handed control to us and there was the regatta over.

Scuttlebutt Interview

·  How long have you been racing in the class?

I've been sailing on and off in the class for the past 10 years. My first serious campaign was back in 2006-7 with Scott Holmgren and the Rosebud team. We won the 2006 Melges 24 US Nationals and 2007 Pre-Worlds, and placed 10th at the 2007 Worlds in Santa Cruz, since then, I've been sailing a couple of events a year. I love sailing the boat.

·  Did you approach this Worlds any differently?

I approached this event the same as I always do for a World Championship. I tried to make sure we had the best boat, equipment, sails, and people. Leave no stone unturned...


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Tacktick Media Coverage of the Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis 2009 Melges 24 World Championship: Larson Wins 2009 World Title and Ayres clinches 2009 Corinthian World Title...

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Oct '09 - Annapolis
Team West Marine Rigging/New England Ropes is preparing for the Melges 24 World Championships

The Team  made a great showing at North Americans at the same venue last fall and is aiming for the podium for the Worlds. Race results and commentary can be tracked on http://www.melges24worlds2009.com/.

Questions from Justin Chisholm (http://www.offshorerules.com) & the IM24CA (http://www.melges24.com/): 

How are your preparations going for the regatta?  How much sailing have you and Richard managed to do together recently?  What have you been/will you be focusing on in your preparations?

We are very much on track for this year’s M-24 World Championships.  Curtis Florence and Mike Wolfs will be returning from last year’s campaign while Richard Clarke will be joining us as tactician.  We’re very excited to have Richard.  He’s a past M-24 World Champion and we look forward to his experience and knowledge of the Melges 24.          

I’m also very excited about our returning sponsor’s: West Marine Rigging, New England Ropes, McLube, Harken, and the City of Annapolis/Downtown Annapolis Partnership.  They’ve all been very supportive of our campaign and stand behind us 100%.           

In preparation for the event, we’ll be sailing in the M-24 Worlds Tuning Regatta and M-24 Pre-Worlds along with some additional practice time.  This will give us the needed on-the-water time to be fully dialed by the time the Worlds roll around. 

What are your thoughts on the high standard of the fleet for this World Championship?

This year’s Worlds will for sure be one of the highest level events ever.  There will be 4 past World Champions sailing along with 3 European and 4 North American Champions.  Annapolis will offer more of a tactical style event rather than a pure boatspeed championship.  Flat water, shifty winds, and current will make it a very tricky event.  We’re very fortunate the organizers have scheduled a 6 day regatta.

 What goals have you set yourselves for this event?

Well, there is only one goal and that’s to WIN.  We have a great team, a great boat, and great sponsors.  As long as I can get us consistently off the line, we should be in the hunt going into the last day.  We were 2nd earlier this year in the 2009 J/24 Worlds Championships here in Annapolis and it would be awesome to seal the deal in this one.

What conditions are you hoping for? How much will your local knowledge be an advantage do you think?

Annapolis is a crazy place to sail for anyone who’s not been here before.  As I mentioned, we’re very lucky to have a 6 day schedule which should allow the RC to run good races.  I think you can safely bet on 4 of the 6 days being under 12kts.  Local knowledge will for sure help us out.  There’s a saying which goes, “If you don’t like the weather here in Annapolis, just wait a minute.  It will change before you know it.”   More than anything we hope for good races in any condition.  Ultimately, this can sometimes be the hardest thing here in Annapolis.

Sept '09 – Howth, Ireland
SWEDISH BLUE wins Irish Etchells 22 Nationals

The team of Ante Razmilovic, Chris Larson, and Stuart Flinn won the 2009 Irish Etchells 22 National Championships held at the Howth Yacht Club located on the east coast of Ireland.  Howth is the site for the 2010 Etchells World Championships and the team used the opportunity to scout out the venue a year in advance of the upcoming Worlds.

Seven races were sailed over 3 days with mainly moderate to heavy winds and lots of rain.  The final race gave the fleet all they could handle as a front passed through causing winds to reach over 35kts. 

The team sailed a very consistent series by winning 4 of the 7 races with their worst race being a 7th.


Swedish Blue

A. Razmilovic

R Thames YC



Matatu Dubh

R & D Burrows




Crop Duster






S. Bailey

R Thames YC



Lambay Rules

Laura Dillon & Crew




May '09 - Annapolis
Chris and The National Sailing Hall of Fame Team Finish Second at J/24 World Championships

(from Scuttlebutt)The sun came out at last, the wind finally arrived more or less on schedule and the2009 J/24 World Championship came to an exciting end with three races jammed into the final day of competition. With the vital worst-race throwout in play once the sailors had completed the day’s first contest, standings shuffled quite a bit, and as 1996 World Champion Chris Larson of Annapolis and his National Sailing Hall of Fame team finished third in that race that took the lead by the narrowest of margins, tied on points with Canadian Rossi Milev and his Clear Air crew. With a third-place finish in the next race, Larson and his team pulled ahead a bit more, establishing a 2-point lead over 2006-2007 World Champion Mauricio Santa Cruz and his Brazilian team on Bruschetta, who now found himself winning the tiebreaker with Milev and setting up the final race as a real nail-biter to see who would emerge at the top of the highly competitive 76-boat fleet. In the end, Santa Cruz and the Bruschetta crew, with a third in the seventh race to Larson’s 11th and Milev’s 14th, came away with a third J/24 World Championship, making him the second-most successful J/24 skipper in class history (Ken Read still holds the record with six titles) and the first non-US sailor to win a Worlds in this country. Sailing with Santa Cruz were Daniel Santiago, Alexandre Saldanha, Paolo Boido, and Alfredo Rovere, who have been part of his team for six years. Final Results   1. Bruschetta, Mauricio Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 41   2. National Sailing Hall of Fame, Chris Larson, Annapolis, MD, 47   3. Carrera, Matias Pereira, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 48  

For interviews with Chris click on the following links:


Feb ’09 - Miami
Larson Helps Etchells Team Take the Podium at Florida State Championships

Sailing with London-based Ante Razmilovic, Chris and Etchells alumni, Stuart Flinn, enjoyed their highest finish yet this season in the 60-boat Etchells 22 fleet on Biscayne Bay. Shifty conditions prevailed all weekend making boat speed, handling, and boat positioning the priorities. In the end, Chris and team took Third Place behind current world champion, Bill Hardesty, and past world champion, Jud Smith. Chris will join Ante and tu again when the team returns to Miami in March to compete in the Etchells Coral Reef Cup.

Nov ’08 - Annapolis
Chris and Team West Marine/ New England Ropes fare well at Melges 24 North American Championships

Team West Marine/ New England Ropes finished fifth overall at the October Melges 24 North American Championships. Chris and his team of Alan Terhune, Mike Wolfs and Curtis Florence confronted almost every possible sailing condition to remain in the top five at the prestigious, international event.

“I couldn’t leave the dock without the help of my sponsors,” said Chris. The long-standing relationship between Chris and his industry partners played a key role in the team’s success. “This was only the second event with our new boat,” said Larson. “The support of West Marine and New England Ropes allowed me to fully prepare the boat in time for competition. We held on to third place until the last day of racing so I’m really happy with the performance of both the boat and my team.”

Chris and his team look forward to competing in the 2009 Melges 24 World Championships which return to Annapolis this coming October.

Nov ’08 - Annapolis
Team West Marine Rigging / New England Ropes ins Velocitek’s $1000 Speed Challenge

The Best 10 second average speed of 14.9 knots won Team West Marine Rigging/ New England Ropes boat the Velocitek daily speed award on day two at the Melges 24 North Americans.

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